Because we care


Volunteering in Africa

Africa is a continent that will challenge any traveller, and offer you the opportunity to make a real  and measurable difference in people’s lives, and to leave your mark on their hearts. Africa offers you some of the world’s most diverse eco-systems and vibrant cultures. Many international organisations and foreign countries have been involved with charity in Africa and by doing voluntary work you will be contributing toward the further improvement of Africa.

I firmly believe that this program is very much needed here in Cameroon and other parts of this continent. It is a very ambitious program and its impact is definitely being felt across the region. Every adult helped, who has learned to read, every child receiving some sort of medical care, every family who has received some sort of assistance, is an investment in the GNWB (Gross National Well Being of Africa).” Kennard Gopaul, USA
The trip has made me want to come back out to Africa ASAP and help more!! Life is way too short as it is without lack of food & water, so it has given me huge motivation to spread awareness to others in England on the problems & encourage other people to help.Rosie Ratcliffe, UK

In addition to any romantic notions that you may have conjured up in your minds-eye when envisioning yourself on the ‘dark continent’, Africa is also by far the world’s most needy and impoverished landmass. Staggering HIV/AIDS figures, famine, and a myriad of tragic stories of conflict and devastation are interwoven into the fibres of her character and scar her lands.

We need:

  • People who love kids!  from students to grandparents.    
  • Tutors, tutors and more tutors.           
  • Vocational trainers: Carpenters, masons, computers, blacksmiths, music & the arts, sewing, basketry, beadwork, soap making, catering, animal husbandry
  • Sports trainers: soccer is most universal. Swim coaches needed, job & theatre coaches to enact job interviews or difficult situations.
  • Youth counselors, social workers, psychologists, counselors
  • Therapists with a specialty in family reunification, parenting skills, grief counselling, children of alcoholics
  • Writers for communication/advocacy program: write feature articles
  • Our hospitals need medical experts of any & all kinds.
  • Village medicine: Doctors, nurses & nurse practitioners for villages.  
  • nurses or nurse-midwife who can train Traditional Birth Attendants to monitor labor & delivery and evacuate for C-section if necessary 
  • midwives, nurses & paraprofessionals in several maternity clinics

 Join this global movement that is working towards improving lives and at the same time encounter intriguing cultures, wildlife and adventures when you are volunteering in Africa.

This project offers you the opportunity to:
Gain medical experience in local clinics under our staff supervision ;
• Assist with local disadvantaged kids and achieve personal growth ;
• Immerse yourself in local Cameroonian and African culture ;
• Make friends for life and discover a new culture and country ;

- Form positive perspectives of Africa and be involved in making a real difference ;
- Face new challenges and grow in confidence as you deal with situations that you never thought you would be able to tackle ;
- Allow Africa’s simplicities and intricacies to challenge your mindset on what really counts in life. In a world that is cluttered with material hype, Africa has a funny way of bringing what’s important back into focus ;
- Get out of your rut and enjoy an experience that is far more vivid than any holiday, surrounded by people who are up for a challenge, hard work and life-changing adventure.

Volunteer Support
Throughout your stay in Cameroon you will have the support and guidance of our experienced volunteer coordinators. They are part of our greater ICAM support team, which will provide you with competent 24-hour field support and assistance.

Volunteer Orientation
Upon arrival in Yaounde, all volunteers are involved in comprehensive orientation programme, which is included in your fee. This is facilitated by your project volunteer coordinator and entails:
• An introduction to the town of Yaounde and surrounding areas;
• An introduction to our projects. Not only will you see where you will be working, you will also see where your fellow volunteers will be spending their days;
• An experienced clinical assistant will give health volunteers a detailed briefing on common diseases in the area, working methods in the clinics, and safety precautions for working in the clinics. This is to ensure that you will start your work at the clinic in a well-prepared and safe way.