• 27/10/2015: ICAM's participation in the launching of the mosquito nets distribution and voluntary free AIDS screening in Ebolowa by the Minister of Public Health
  • 14/11/2015: World Diabetes Day commemoration at the ETOUG EBE Baptist Convention Health Center alongside ICAM
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ICAM is determined to end preventable deaths, improve lives, reduce poverty, and empower people to enable them meet their needs through multisectoral high-impact interventions in primary health care, basic education, social work, and emergency response. We’re helping the world get it done by engaging leaders, rallying the public, developing innovative new approaches and delivering life-saving services and education to families across Cameroon.

Founded in 2009 and operating in the most vulnerable zones affected with disease, poverty and insecurity, ICAM has had incredible success improving lives across Cameroon. Maternal, infant and child mortality remains high in Cameroon Maternal and child mortality remains high in Cameroon and huge regional, socio-economic and gender disparities exist in health and education service coverage. ICAM is supporting the scaling up proven interventions including vaccination, increasing access to life saving commodities, promoting healthy behaviors and strengthening health systems, as well as increasing access and improving basic education especially for the most disadvantaged children, including orphans, girls and children with disabilities.

  • ICAM is committed to being a premier NGO working in partnership with local communities and international partners to build sustainable, healthy and productive individuals and communities.

  • ICAM pursues its mission of helping children, families and their communities to reach their full potential through the protection and promotion of rights of children, gender equality, health, education, water, ,sanitation and hygiene, nutrition and social inclusion.
  • We need more resources, greater global collaboration, and dedicated community stakeholders to end preventable maternal and child deaths and increase educational outcomes for the most disadvantaged. 

Funding Promise: 100% Efficient,  based on clear principles, achievement of concrete results, accountability and transparency. Every funding you give to ICAM goes to the program you designate. Your donation enables us to keep on helping sick, poor and handicapped people,  vulnerable women and children. ICAM is entirely self-funding through donations from private individuals, foundations, and businesses, both large and small. we need your participation in:


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